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The driving force behind my work is tapping into the human condition. I'm passionate about getting to the root cause of user pain points, wants, needs and desires, and from this process of discovery designing experiences that are both useful and beautiful. 

I studied for a year in Paris with Master Artist, Marcel Marceau. Marceau taught me a deep understanding of humanity and the ability to craft stories with profound impact. I'm also a trained sommelier and have interviewed wine makers from around the world.

In my spare time I love to listen to people tell their life stories. You can usually find me at a coffee shop with a good friend, out dancing, wine tasting or getting creative inspiration at a local art event.

For my full credentials, find me on LinkedIn.



...Along with her strong designer skills, she is very effective in working with PM and engineering as well, in terms of making sure the requirements are buttoned up, communicating to the engineers, taking and synthesizing feedback well, and responding to point in time developer needs.

Did I mention she was also a joy to work with? Well, she is, you’d be lucky to hear her story and the breadth of life experience she has.
— Drew Voegele, Studio Chief - Microsoft, Studio X
I worked with Sheri in designing the Azure Blockchain Workbench from inception to release. She always demonstrated a professional attitude and delivered some awesome user experiences. I highly recommend Sheri as a UX designer.
— Zeyad Rajabi, Principal Program Manager - Microsoft
...Sheri has demonstrated qualities to make any project run smooth and land successfully. She is relentless in keeping the business goals aligned to all the cross-functional directions. I found her to be a rare talent with a balanced B/X/T (Business, Experience and Technology) smarts...
— Dave Landis, Head of Ecommerce UX & Innovation Lab
...Sheri is an inspirational user experience designer, colleague, and leader. I highly recommend and am envious for anyone who gets the opportunity to have Sheri on their team. She is the leader I’ve always wanted!
— Jenni Hoang, UX Designer - Podipo