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AccelOne's Profile.Viewer

A Freelance Design Project 

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How can we make the hiring process more efficient for a diverse user base?

In 2016, AccelOne created a unique format for showcasing their talent - video resumes which resulted in a faster, more efficient hiring process. In April, 2017 they set out to create a white label for this product in order to market it to other recruiting firms.

That's where my team came into play. I led a four person design team that redesigned AccelOne's Profile.Viewer.




Create an MVP for the Profile.Viewer that makes it less tech specific and more generalized.



To define a clear UX Vision we first needed to gain a better understand of the video recruiting industry as well as the existing product. We conducted usability testing, did a competitive analysis and a heuristic evaluation. 

Once we had a better understanding of the product we could define the scope and design a solution to fit AccelOne's business goals. 



Usability testing was a dominant part of this project. We began by conducting both in-person and remote testing of the existing product, speaking with the recruiters and a hiring manager who had been using Profile.Viewer. We also tested the current product active job seekers and each did a heuristic evaluation. 

  • The Recruiters wanted an easier way to edit candidate profiles to emphasize specific skillsets per client needs. 
  • The Hiring Manager needed clearer navigation as she did not realize she could scroll down for more information about the candidate.
  • Job Candidates asked for a more intuitive Profile Creation Form as the existing version was too long, confusing and was not intuitive - all leading to lack of trust in the product.



I then worked with AccelOne's executives, and my design team, to define a realistic scope we could accomplish in the two weeks we had remaining. We agreed to:

  1. Create a way for recruiters and candidates to easily edit their publicly viewed resume
  2. Add interactive navigation
  3. Make the Profile Creation Form less tech specific and more generalized for a variety of users and industries 

And because we were on such a tight schedule, I set up a Trello board and assigned tasks so that my team could stay on track. This also allowed the AccelOne executive team to follow along as we completed tasks throughout the three week duration. 




We were designing a white label product, so the challenge was that each persona could potentially represent a multitude of industries, cultures and personalities. We kept each in mind during the redesign, as they are all heavily invested in the hiring process and affected by the user experience. 

My process when crafting each persona was to distill each down to their core needs in order to represent across industry and culture. It was a matter of deeply listening to the people in our study.



Based on user feedback we created user flows that allowed candidates and recruiters to quickly enter and edit profile information. I did this by creating four specific Access Points. 

  1. Admin access to the candidate database
  2. The profile creation form -  for fast entering of the full profile
  3. The editable profile view - for quick, easy editing by section and easy visualization of what the client sees
  4. The public facing view

My thinking was that the three access points would be configurable so different people have access to specific views according to their organization's needs. For example, some companies may wish to grant users access to the editable profile view only.  

Below is one possible solution for a company's access points, though this could be reconfigured based on the organization's unique needs. 


Consistent Navigation
I also made sure that each view had the same navigational elements so that the user only had to learn the terminology and flow once. 

As well, the user can easily toggle between screens in the top navigation bar - form view, edit view, public view. We also added the save button to the top, where the user can save at any time. You'll notice in the prototype that the save button provides interactive feedback to let the user know their work has indeed been saved. 

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Visual Design

As mentioned, we received consistent great feedback therefore, we decided to keep AccelOne’s current visual design in order to maintain focus. 

Below is an example of how the white label would look with different branding. We created this design so our client could better visualize the finished product. 




My team and I standardized the profile creation form so that a wide range of individuals will easily be able create profiles. We did this by redesigning the profile creation form, adding a public facing, editable view and adding an interactive side bar for clearer navigation.