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Content Strategy

A newsletter that brought in nearly $450K within one month of mailing


Donor Newsletter
Role: Content Strategy, Copy Writer

I was responsible for the content strategy only, and not the visual design.  

During my time as a consultant for the Seattle Opera, I crafted a donor newsletter that brought in nearly $450K within 30 days of mailing for Seattle Opera's 2013 Ring Cycle.

The Opera had a large donor base of Ring 2013 Prospects at the $1,000 level. I was tasked with creating a newsletter that would encourage this donor base to increase their giving to the $2,500 level. 

I brought in educational elements throughout the newsletter by doing interviews with key players in the making of the Ring Cycle - Soprano Alwyn Mellor, Technical Director Robert Schaub, Seattle Opera’s Educational Director and a VP Board Member. 

I also highlighted the benefits donors would receive at each giving level.

From Rob Wiseman, the then Associate Director of Development - Annual Fund:

The second edition of GOTG, on which you worked, was mailed to approximately 17,500 Ring 2013 Prospects. Within 30 days of mailing, 384 individuals who received this piece donated a total of $447,777 to Ring 2013. Of these 384 donors, 97 made new gifts or increased their giving to place them at the $2,500+ level. Thanks for your role in these great results!

**I was responsible for content strategy only, and not visual design.**